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Garment Bags with Pockets Fashion Stylists

Professional Roots

Set Ready Go! Garment Bags were inspired out of Sarah Cogan's work as film and television costume designer.  Sarah's day-to-day work as a designer requires her to make hundreds of outfits.   She was tired of pieces being left items behind or lost.  Sarah wanted a better way to insure she could see all the piece of an outfit as they came together and that each outfit left with all its pieces to the theater or set.

From this need, Sarah created the initial Set Ready Go! Garment Bag in her small New York apartment. Sarah began sharing her prototype with others when she realized that more than just costume designers would benefit from using Set Ready Go!.  The Ultimate Wedding Dress Bag came into being as Sarah used her understanding of packing and transporting outfits to ensure that brides would have just what they needed to enjoy their special day.

Sarah explains, "Wedding days are much like days on set.  There are a ton of moving parts, everything is being brought to the venue from somewhere else, and everyone and everything needs to run smoothly and on time.  Nothing ruins the pace of the wedding day early on more than someone important forgetting a piece of their outfit."

Set Ready Go! Garment Bags have been used by Cosplayers, Personal Stylists, Beauty Queens, Professional Dancers, Film Sets, and even Celebrities at Press Events to help their events run smoothly and insure they can focus on what really matters: enjoying their event to the fullest.


To learn more about Sarah's work as a designer, visit: sarahcogan.com or her IMDb page.