Introducing the Ultimate Cosplay Bag

Every Detail Of Your Outfit - All In One Place.

The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag

The Ultimate Garment Bag

$ 54.95

Stop digging through your suitcase

Losing things in your closet or suitcase adds frustration and time to your day.  Who needs that? 

The Ultimate Garment Bag was specifically designed to help eliminate wasted time and unnecessary stress from misplaced and lost items.   

To help save time, The Ultimate Garment Bag features pockets to organize your entire outfit from head to toe.  Its nine pockets come in six sizes to accommodate a range of items  from small accessories, such as earrings or cufflinks, to larger items, such as shoes and hats. 

The 9 pockets are easily visible.  With a quick scan, you can check to make sure everything you need is there without digging through your suitcase or having to unpack.

Specific Features:

  • 9 Pockets for Accessories and Shoes
  • Reinforced Hanger Hole
  • Internal divider for extra items
  • Identification Tag Pocket
  • 24" x 6" x 54"


  • Body: PEVA
  • Binding: Nylon
  • Zipper: Polyester Coil


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Key Features

  • Wide bottom design can accommodate large trains and underskirts
  • Sturdy PEVA body and polyester zippers keep your whole ensemble safe
  • Side zipper for easy access
  • 9 separate pockets for accessories & shoes
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Makes a Great Gift

The Ultimate Garment Bag is a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who needs to stay organized on the way to the convention/1920's picnic/14th century battleground/offsite business meeting


This bag is fantastic - a compartment for everything you could possibly need to complete your outfit! I personally love the fact that there's a different section for your shoes and for your earrings. You could even throw your lipstick in one of the compartments. Never run around again last minute trying to find that one missing item - it's all in the bag!

Stacie Capone

WOW! You can fit everything in this bag! This is the perfect gift for brides our your spouse. Love it!

Mark S.

This is crazy cool. It's a great bag that has all the compartments to store all the stuff you need. I am a photographer and most clients come in with a ton of bags for all their stuff. With this, they only need to carry one thing and can put their jewelry, clothing, shoes, and everything else! Such an ingenious design. Top notch customer service too!


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