You've got questions.  We've got answers!

Can I get Set Ready Go! in stores?

Yes!  They are available in stores exclusively at The Container Store's 90 locations nationwide.

What's the shipping time?

Orders deliver within 7 days from when the order's payment is received. 

Will Set Ready Go! Garment Bags hold both my dancing shoes and my photo shoes?

Yes, they will!  Each garment bag comes with a large shoe pocket measuring the width of the garment bag, 24" x 18" x 6".  This will fit two standard sized shoe boxes or even a shoe and small hat box.

Where does my veil go?

There is an internal divider within The Wedding Dress Garment Bag specially designed to protect your veil and prevent snags from happening.

Is The Ultimate Wedding Dress Bag only good for brides?

The Ultimate Wedding Dress Bag is great for prom, beauty pageants, red carpet events, and even guests going to formal weddings.

Would Set Ready Go! work for my child's performance costumes?

Yes they would!  Set Ready Go! was specifically designed with the performer in mind.  Its transparent pockets make it easy to see your child has everything they need for her/his performance.   

Can I take Set Ready Go! on a plane?

Yes, as a carry-on.  We highly recommend that you make sure you either have the storage compartment to yourself or are able to hang it up front in first class.  Our garment bags also fold easily into suitcases, making it very easy to get unpacked and ready for whatever your travels have in store for you.


Have a another question?  E-mail us at: info@setreadygarmentbags.com.  We look forward to serving you.