The Advantage


Always looking for all of pieces to your favorite outfit?

With The Ultimate Garment Bag, you can store the entire outfit in one place, so it is always ready to be worn.

Hate loosing your earrings or cuff links in the bottom of your suitcase?

Simply fold your Ultimate Garment Bag into your suitcase, hang upon arrival, and you are ready to get dressed. Best part? You can travel assured you have everything you need in its place.

Saves you time!

Did you know it takes 3 minutes to get dressed if your outfit is ready to put on?!  True story.  It's the standard with Broadway Professionals determine if a quick change requires assistance or if the actor can be on their own.  

Since your outfit is ready to wear and your know where everything is, you'll be able to change into almost any outfit in 3 mins!!

Reduces your stress!

When you pack with a Set Ready Garment Bag, you know you have everything in one place for your special event, important meeting, or date with your dream partner.


Did you know your clothes need to breath clean air?

For that reason, The Ultimate Garment Bag has vents which allow air to circulate through your clothes.