The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag
The Ultimate Garment Bag

The Ultimate Garment Bag

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Stop digging through your suitcase.

Losing things in your closet or suitcase adds frustration and time to your day.  Who needs that? 

The Ultimate Garment Bag was uniquely designed to help eliminate time wasting and added stress from misplaced and lost items.   We have lives worth enjoy.

To help save time, The Ultimate Garment Bag features pockets to organize your entire outfit from head to toe.  Its nine pockets come in six sizes to accommodate a range of items  from small accessories, such as earrings or cufflinks, to larger items, such as shoes and hats.  The pockets are easy to see, making checking you have everything quick.

The Ultimate Garment Bag has also been designed with getting dressed in mind.  The easy accessibility of the pockets allow one to start getting dressed without needing to dig through a suitcase or unpack.  The side zipper allows you to access the clothing within like a book off of a shelf.  Gone are the days of pulling everything out of your suitcase to get the item at the back.

Clothes need to breath, which is why the Ultimate Garment Bag features vents for air to circulate through your clothes during storage, and the PEVA materials keep your clothes safe during long term storage.

Specific Features:

  • 9 Pockets for Accessories and Shoes
  • Reinforced Hanger Hole
  • Internal divider for extra items
  • Identification Tag Pocket
  • 24" x 6" x 54"


  • Body: PEVA
  • Binding: Nylon
  • Zipper: Polyester Coil