8 Ways to Dress Like James Bond


What man doesn’t want to look or feel like James Bond to some degree on their wedding day? Especially in a tux.  It’s always the formal events where something epic occurs that only Bond himself can handle. So, why not look the part?

Here are six tips to look like James Bond:

1.  It’s All about the Tux:

A great fitting tux is essential for making your Bond style come to life.   Darker tones work best: such as black, dark grey, deep blues or even a dark burgundy to mix it up, unless you are going for the white tux jacket look—a classic bold choice. 
The fit is crucial.  All Bonds have impeccably fitting tuxes, so get you suit altered. The added cost will be worth every penny when you look like a million dollar spy steeling the heart of your bride.

Recommend retailers and rentals: J.Crew, Menguin and Black Tux.

2. You’re as Crisp as Your Shirt

Bond’s shirts, like his suits, always fit impeccably.  Be sure to choose a trim or slim fit tux shirt with a smaller collar to ensure your Bond sleekness.  A nice plain front or knife pleated (the small pleats) tux shirt with french cuffs are perfect classic options.

Check out these great options from Jack Spade and Brooks Brothers.

3. Before You Button

Bond isn’t Bond with out some sleek accessories.  You can have a lot of fun with this.  Many tux shirts still allow for shirt studs.  Nothing is more classic than a pair of black enamel shirt studs.  Or, for a little more edge, you can use a pair of brushed gun metal. They give that added chicness Bond does so effortlessly.  You can use the matching cufflinks, or go for a slightly bolder choice.


Great options available at Saks Fifth Ave and Shopstyle.com.

4.  Ditch the Belt:

Tuxes look best with suspenders, which give you a longer, sleeker look verses a belt that pinches in causing a muffin top.  Bond does not have a muffin top.   White works best against a white tux shirt. 

5. Tied with a Bow

The classic Bond Tux look is always polished off with a bowtie.  While pre-tied bowties are easier to use, they loose a level of class afforded with a standard bowtie.  Purchase a slim style bowtie and practice tying it a few times before the wedding day.  The best part?  You then can don the Casino Royale untied and unbuttoned look at the end of the night.  Classic Bond sex appeal.

6. Devil’s in the Details

Accessories are essential to pulling your Bond look off.  Adding a pocket square or single flower buttoner is the perfect touch.

7.  Step into Bond’s Shoes

You never know a man until you walk in his shoes, Bond’s shoes.  You can either go for the classic black patent shoe or a well crafted black dress oxford.  It’s important to get a sleek shoe with a thin soul.

8. Always Be Ready

Bond would never leave home unprepared.  Neither should you.  Pack your look into a Set Ready Everyday Bag to be ready for anything.  Best part is?  You will know you have all your dashing details in one place.  When you get to your hotel, you can simply hang your Everyday Bag and start getting dress with Bond speed.

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